Foundation for Success Review

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Evan Thomas October 8, 2012 English 101 Foundation for Success Review Foundation for Success is a documentary in the Documenting Justice series created by Sarah Louise Smith and Mitch De Anda. The documentary focuses on the performance of a public elementary school in Montgomery, E.D. Nixon Elementary. What makes this school unique is that it is in an extremely poor area. The film states that 98% of the families at the school are from lower class areas. The film begins with stunning disturbing statistics about how poorly E.D. Nixon Elementary was doing. The Montgomery school was facing State Government takeover because of extremely poor scores coming from the children. The documentary then introduces Dr. Regina Thompson, the new principal, who turns the school into one of the best low income schools in the state. The purpose of Foundation for Success was very clear. The documentary does a good job showing the improvement of the school under the new principal. Plenty of evidence is given to show this improvement. These figures included state awards, such as being named a “Torchbearer School”, and the vast improvements in standardized test scores by students. The purpose of Foundation for Success is so clear that in my opinion, the film is biased. The purpose of the film is so clear, that the film as a clear agenda. Foundation for Success does not talk about any negatives that have come with the new principal. The documentary makes the success of the school seem like it changed overnight and that it was an unrealistic superhuman effort. It does a poor job of explaining how exactly it happened. The principal talks about how getting better teachers helped make the school better, but a question in my mind when watching was ‘how did they just go get these better teachers?’ The documentary fails to state whether or not the school was given extra
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