I Became Her Target

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Looki ng In wa rd 581 Assignment 3: Writing an Essay Lupe had to struggle in order to balance her school responsibilities with her duties as a wife and mother. Write an essay in which you identify aspects of your life that you need to juggle along with your responsibilities as a student. They may include a job, a spouse or significant other, children, housekeeping duties, pets, extracurricular activities, a difficult living situation, or anything else that poses a challenge to your academics. Provide vivid, real-life illustrations of how each of those responsibilities sometimes conflicts with your studies. I Became Her Target Roger Wilkins -o Q) i: I PREV IEW Any newcomer in school often has an awkward time breaking the ice with classmates. For Roger Wilkins, being the only black student in his new school made the situation considerably worse . He could easily have become the focus of the other students' prejudice and fear . Instead, help came in the form of a teacher who quickly made it clear how she saw him-as a class member with something to contribute. 3: ~ tl ..c: ~ .g> E u vi Q) ·c: u £ 0 a. "' E (.9 ~ ~ ~ Q) u ..c: 0 1- 5 N @ ..c: ... 5o. 0 .Q> u My favorite teacher's name was "Deadeye" Bean. Her real name was 1 Dorothy. She taught American history to eighth-graders in the junior high section of Creston, the high school that served the north end of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was the fall of 1944. Franklin D. Roosevelt was president; American troops were battling their way across France; Joe DiMaggio was still in the service; the Montgomery bus boycott was more than a decade away, and I was a twelve-year-old black newcomer in a school that was otherwise all white. My mother, who had been a widow in New York, had married my 2 stepfather, a Grand Rapids physician, the year

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