Friedman Family Assessment

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Friedman Family Assessment By Keith Olson University of Phoenix /NUR 405 Abstract A Friedman Assessment was completed using the Ken family. To complete this assessment the nurse must identify data, developmental stages, environmental data, family structure, family functions, and family stress and coping. Nursing diagnoses are formed to identify concerns and provide a plan of care for the overall health of the Ken family. As a community nurse, assessment is the first step in identifying potential and present health issues. Once identified, the nursing care plan can further progress and community interventions can be addressed. Identifying Data For privacy purposes the K family will be referred to as the Ken family. The Ken family is the prototypical nuclear family, which consists of a mother, father, son, and daughter. The father is 52 years old and is currently unemployed. He was a stockbroker at one point, but fell victim to the economy and lost his job December 9, 2008. The mother is 51 and a breast cancer survivor that works two jobs to support her family. One of the jobs as a receptionist in a hair salon and the other in a local college campus office. Both parents have a high school diploma. The son recently graduated from Albany college with a degree in communications. He is currently working in Manhattan as a marketing coordinator. The daughter works at a restaurant part time and is a college student aspiring to be a speech pathologist. The Ken family's nationality is Italian. Their religious affiliation is Roman catholic, but they never attend church or any other religious services. They are of middle class social status and spend much of their free time together, either playing board games, watching television or eating a home cooked meal at least four times a week. Developmental Stage and History of Family The parents are Erickson's stage
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