Mamie Phipps Clark

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Women of Psychology Reshaunda Davis PSY/310 March 3, 2013 Luvenia Jackson . Mamie Phipps was born April 18, 1917; Hot Springs is her birthplace. Her father was a Physician; his name was Harold H. Phipps, MD. Katie Florence was her mother’s name, she helped Mamie’s father with his practice. She went to segregated public schools. When she graduated, her parents encourages her to continue her education. She was able to achieve several scholarships. Phipps went to college at Howard University in D.C., she was majoring in physics and her minor was mathematics. While she was there she met Kenneth Clark, she did not know it at the time but he became her future husband. His parent’s names were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Miriam Clark. They all moved to New York City when. Kenneth Clark was seven years of age. After he graduated high school, he continue on in his education as well. He attended Howard University as well, his major was Psychology. Because of lack of support in math, she was discouraged. Kenneth decided to help her by introducing her to the head of psychology, that when she changed her major to psychology. Kenneth and Mamie received their bachelor and masters from Howard University. Mamie did her master thesis on, “The Development of Consciousness of Self in Negro Pre-School Children, She did this because of her work with the all black nursery school and her future husband wrote the thesis with her and added the research on self-identification in Black children and she had two children during this time, Katie in 1940 and Hilton in 1943, all the she completing her degree (Butler, 2009). Kenneth went to Columbia University in 1937 and Mamie in 1938 graduated magna cu laude. Mamie worked at a law office for a while. That is where she saw firsthand how segregation had a damaging effect. She also decided to
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