Miss Elliott: In The Wake Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Rajin Patel Period 3 1/9/11 Miss Woodward Discrimination In the wake of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination Miss Elliott thought it would be practical to create a small scale discrimination experiment in her third grade classroom. This exercise would help the children to see the nature of racism and prejudice at an early age. First Miss Elliott divided her all-white classroom into two groups. The two groups were the children with brown eyes and the children with blue eyes. This caused the children to see differences within each other, which would cause them to become exposed to the real world’s problem of racism. Miss Elliott began to openly tell both groups of children that blued eyes children are smarter than brown eyed children. This kind of verbal abuse would continue for days, poisoning the children’s minds. Miss Elliott made best friends become moral enemies within minutes. The brown eyed children began to feel frustrated and upset because of the names they were being called by the blue eyed children. Their IQ lowered causing them to not perform as well as they should have been during school. Also issues at their own homes began to arise because they would be miserable coming home from school. Then after a few days Miss Elliott spoke to both the groups and told them that she had…show more content…
The Germans created the stars because it was made it very simple and easy to identify a person of Jewish descent. Unfortunately the punishment grew to a fatal level. Soon people that were 1/16 Jewish had to wear the star and wear to be put in concentration camps. Most Jewish people were fortunate and were given a place to hide from the Germans. As time passed life for the Jewish people became difficult and at times almost close to impossible to survive. In the concentration camps, the Jewish people were not given an adequate amount of food which caused them to become weak and
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