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Guy Fieri Broden, Austin Savannah Guy Fieri was born on January 22, 1968 in Columbus Ohio. His original name at birth was Guy Ramsay Ferry. Guy later renamed to guy Fieri after his grandfather. When Guy was growing up his mom and dad inspired him to cook his own meals. Guy and his father built a three-wheeled bicycle cart named “The Awesome Pretzel” which he sold pretzels from, for six years until he had enough money to study at Chantilly Framce at the age of 16. This was during his junior and senior years of high school. When he returned from France, Guy by passed his own high school graduation. When he was done with high school he attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and graduated in 1990. He received his Bachelor of Science in Hospital Management. While In college he worked as a Flambé Captain and a Matre’d. Shortly after college he became a manager of a Stouffer restaurant in Long Beach, Ca. This led Guy to became District Manager, which he oversaw six restaurants. He was the President of the Restaurant Association of the Redwood Empire and serves on the Board of Directors for the Educational Foundation of the California Restaurant Association. In 1996, Guy became a business partner with Steve Gruber. They opened two restaurants called Johnny Garlic's, an Italian based restaurant. As well as Tex Wasabi’s, a Rock N’ Roll Sushi B-B-Q restaurant. Johnny Garlic’s is a dynamic California Pasta Grill that bursts with energy and a diversity of food choices that reflects the personalities of its owners Guy Fieri and Steve Gruber. Started in 1996, Johnny Garlic's has grown to three locations (Santa Rosa, Windsor and Roseville, California) and showcases the famous Tri Tip Dip sandwich, Fire-Roasted Quesadilla, Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, The Tortilla Cake, Pesto Goat Cheese Pizza, and the famous Breathe Mint Pie for dessert. While the menu is

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