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American Studies April 4, 2011 The Division Explained In the history of America there has been no bigger blemish on the record of America than the one created by the treatment of African-Americans by the dominant white society. The African-American experience in the U.S. is a long, and at times sickening, view of the social psyche in America. The history of African-Americans in the U.S after the end of slavery is one of an arduous process of assimilation. This assimilation process has been well chronicled through both writing and film. The writings and films have let us see the assimilation process through the eyes of both white and black society. This has helped the reader know the intentions of the dominant white society and how hard…show more content…
These people felt that if they tried to rock the boat and fight for equality the rights they have already acquired will be stripped away. In Melba Patillo Beals autobiography Warriors Don’t Cry the anger against her integration of Central High School was evident in the African-American community around her. Melba and the other 8 students integrating Central High School not only endured the constant bullying by their tormentors inside the school they had to endure the loneliness of being abandoned by their community and all their friends because the community was afraid of the repercussions they would endure because of their involvement with the…show more content…
In Warriors Don’t Cry the hatred of the blacks towards whites is very apparent from the beginning to the end of the novel. Melba and the other Little Rock 9 were repeatedly physically and verbally abused throughout their time at Central High School just because they were black. These actions were repeated throughout the nation some even went as far as killing people for their color of their skin. The main reason for this hatred was because the lower and middle class whites had people they were better then no matter what was happening at that point in their lives. They felt that if African-Americans were given equal rights they would be better than them and that was something they couldn’t let

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