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------------------------------------------------- Marketing Professional Practice 300 ------------------------------------------------- Semester 1, 2012 ------------------------------------------------- EXAMINATION COVER SHEET Name: Lydia Tie Shin Hong Student ID: 14916421/7D7B5212 Tutor’s Name: Mr. Joseph Sia Day & time of tutorial: Tuesday, 4pm – 5.30pm Date submitted: 22nd May 2012 If the given name by which your tutor knows you differs from your name on University records, you should indicate BOTH names above. Your final exam should meet the following requirements. Please confirm this (by ticking boxes) before submitting your assignment. * Exam is word processed and double spaced * Pages…show more content…
For example, if the nonprofit organization informs its staffs and volunteers about the time and date of an event via newsletter and there is something wrong with the newsletter, the organization might need to amend the newsletter and resend to the staffs and volunteers again which is a waste of time and energy. However, if the organization informs its staffs and volunteers through social media site, they would get immediate feedback and if there is an error in the information, the organization can simply delete it and repost again. Furthermore, the organization can answer simple queries very quickly and easily by using social media. It is a great benefit that the nonprofit organization can have conversations with the people in real time and it also saves time in the long run which would make the organization appear welcoming and open to new people who do not know about the nonprofit…show more content…
Like any employer from for profit organizations, nonprofit organizations also require candidates with skills and ability to do the job well. However, they also look for candidates who are really interested in their organization in terms of the issue they are working on. Nonprofit organization often needs employee who is really care about what they are doing and expects their employees to put in extra hours, working during weekends, or make do with limited resources [ (Green 2010) ]. On the other hand, if the new employee does have passion for the issue of the nonprofit organization but he/she is lack of the skills to do the job well, he/she would probably expect a pay

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