Acct 504 Week 4 Quiz

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School of Accounting and Finance MBA504 ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ------------------------------------------------- ASSIGNMENT ------------------------------------------------- 201360 The assignment questions are listed in the subject outline. This document is a scanned copy of the questions. The text for this subject is now the 16th edition of Horngren. This subject was planned using the 15th edition but at the last minute – literally – the 16th became available. So I decided to use the latest edition. The text assignment questions were already in the system and were set from the 15th edition. A scanned copy of these questions is provided below. The text questions below are from the 15th edition of the text.…show more content…
Prepare in proper form the December 31, 20X0, balance sheet and the 20X0 income statement for Weikart Company. Include the proper amount for additional paid-in capital. Question 6: Source: horngren, et al. (2011). Introduction to management accounting (15th ed., p.722). Pearson. Spreadsheet this example. Follow the assignment requirements closely. As usual, ensure that data entry and report areas are completely separate. As usual, provide a formula view.…show more content…
8 US reaction to proposed IFRS 9 Accounting and Impression Management Summarise the results of your research in about 300 words each. Question 13: 1-3 (give examples) 1-23 (give examples) 2-8 Question 14: 1-47 Question 15: 2-52 Question 16: Question 17: Business Report Question 18: Multiple choice

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