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(A) The authoritative literature that addresses the disclosure of information about capital structure is FAS 129, titled “Disclosure of Information about Capital Structure, SFAS No. 129” which was issued in February 1997. The FAS is related to Codification 505-10-50. (B) Definitions (Codification 505-10-20) (1) Securities – the evidence of debt or ownership or a related right. It includes options and warrants as well as debt and stock. "(2) Participation rights – contractual rights of security holders to receive dividends or returns from the security issuer’s profits, cash flows, or returns on investments. " "(3) Preferred Stock – a security that has preferential rights compare to capital stock. " (C) What information about securities must companies disclose? Discuss how Hincapie should report the proposed preferred stock issue. * General Disclosure- either on the face of the financial statement by means of parenthetical disclosure, or in the Notes of the financial statements "o 505-10-50-2: If both financial position and results of operations are presented, disclosure of changes in the separate accounts comprising shareholders’ equity (in addition to retained earnings) and of the changes in the number of shares of equity securities during at least the most recent annual fiscal period and any subsequent interim period presented is required to make the financial statements sufficiently informative. Disclosure of such changes may take the form of separate statements or may be made in the basic financial statements or notes thereto " "o 505-10-50-3: An entity shall explain, in summary form within its financial statements, the pertinent rights and privileges of the various securities outstanding. Examples of information that shall be disclosed

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