Traits of a Good Employee

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Kevin Warren 10/11/2012 T( Traits of a good employee) A( Mrs. Kern’s Eng 3 class) P( To Inform) Traits Of A Good Employee The term “good employee” has different meanings to different people. Society teaches the general public that in order to succeed it must become a “good employee”. Employers today recognize that valuable employees are quickly becoming rare. Most employers are unaware of the kind of workers they have hired until it is too late. Hiring the wrong person or an unqualified person can result in numerous setbacks for most companies, mostly financial. Some skills can be universal while others are specific to the job. Whichever job that an employee chooses, there are many variables that apply in choosing the right employee. Every employee should understand his or her job expectations from the moment that he or she is hired. Everyone plays a role. First, employees should have good work qualities. Employees who have self- motivation are one of them. Employees are expected to come ready for work no matter what. Employers do not like to have to tell employees what to do all of the time along with watching over their shoulders to make sure they are doing it. The military trains their employees to be able to motivate themselves to do the daily tasks which are assigned. In some cases, this provides the opportunity to inform your boss that you are available to take on more work. While some employees prefer to prolong the work they have to fill the day, employers prefer employees that go above and beyond to help out. Initiative to pitch in whenever the situations arises also helps. The second attribute should be flexibility. A flexible employee is one who is willing to do whatever the job requires. For example, a flexible sailor in the U.S. Navy is likely to help another sailor who needs assistance. Sailors are taught to

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