Homeless Persons Critical Thinking

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Homeless Persons Critical Thinking Tena Pena Introduction to Human Services/BSHS 302 November 14, 2010 Bejai Higgins, MS, MFT Homeless Persons Critical Thinking An estimated 842,000 adults and children are homeless in any given week according to Burt et al. (1999). Homelessness can hit just about anyone at any given time. It does not just target one specific group of people there is a wide array of ethnic groups, races, sexes, and ages. According to (“Preventing Homelessness in America”) the most proximate cause of homelessness in America is poverty. Poverty is not something that can be easily fixed, but it has the potential to be and needs to be. The cost of homelessness is extremely high and if America can come up with some way to fix poverty or at least make it less prevalent then the issue of homelessness would decline. If people would look around in their towns and cities they would see that there are several empty buildings that would be perfect for creating homes for many homeless people. The major issue would be funding. If more Americans would step up and do their part the funding would be an issue, either. Here is one idea that could spread as time goes by. If one, two, or even several people in one locality stepped up and fronted some money, then a human services professional could take that money, talk to a contractor about the possibility of refurbishing or remodeling one or two abandoned buildings in the area. However, the contractor must also agree to use not just his own people for the work but also to give some of the unemployed, homeless individuals a chance to work on his crew doing this work. It would give some of the homeless people jobs and would give them some self-worth for doing something meaningful and helping other people like themselves. There would definitely be an advantage to hiring the

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