How To Write A Narrative Report On Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy Observation hours report 2-16-2013 On 2-13-13, I was afforded the opportunity to engage with patients and professional occupational therapist. On this particular day, the general theme for the day, the key aspect of teaching and educating was fall prevention. At the start of the day, the Occupational therapy checked the list of clients for the day and with the help of the Occupational therapy assistants, divided the assignments appropriately. During the day one of the things that surprised me and jolted my curiosity was the fact that Occupational therapy and Physical therapy had to integrate services to be able to communicate. It was a deciding factor in some of the cases that the services mad to become more in line with occupation therapy or physical therapy based on the patients conditions and ability. In some cases the patient may not be able to do any lower extremity exercises therefore the patient needed to be seen by physical therapy primarily first. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to implement, negotiate if needed with the patient, begin to assess what needs the patient has and expeditiously implement the appropriate treatments and therapy as needed, and of course then evaluate the effectiveness of those treatments and…show more content…
I was always especially interested in occupational therapy because of the way that they are intricately involved with trying to get the patients that they serve back to health and to prevent further injury. Inside I know that occupational therapy is one of the greatest interests that I have and I have several lifelong friends that have been in the field for many years. It would bring me great pleasure to be able to serve those who cannot help themselves and to optimize their assets that they have and attempt to restore the ones they have lost due to

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