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Nursing is a profession I have always had a keen interest in. The role of a nurse is extremely challenging and diverse which I strive on. It is a very rewarding job and I believe I have the transferable skills needed to be successful. Such as showing empathy, a willingness to learn, fantastic interpersonal skills, a good listener and most importantly determination to succeed and the desire to meet and exceed patients needs.
I have a genuine interest in this field as when I was growing up I looked after my Nan who was heavily disabled. This is where I got a lot of satisfaction in caring as I could see my work generally making a difference to someone’s life.
My first professional job in the care and nursing industry was as a Nursing Auxillary at the local General Hospital. I completed some basic training which I enjoyed immensely and ended up being placed onto the orthopedic ward. Car crash victims and knee and hip replacement patients were now part of my daily routine, As my time there grew I was invited to attend theatre a couple of times which boosted my skills and knowledge even more. I was actually asked to proceed with my nursing degree at this time but turned the opportunity down due to personal circumstances. Later in my carer I also completed roles with various agencies including one that specialised in people with mental health and dementia. I believe this experience has now given me the basics of clinical skills and will enable me to implement into my future career.
At present I work closely with unemployed people with a variety of different needs. These can be ranging from mental health to physical and social difficulties. Some of my clients are very hard to reach and I often need to challenge their way of thinking and attitudes and behaviors towards work. I have completed numerous training courses on challenging behaviors and understanding equality

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