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Physical therapy is a fun and exciting healthcare profession that helps people. It is all about helping other people who have problems with their body, muscles, joints and other parts of their body. Patients includes accident victims and individuals with disabling conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, heart disease, fractures, head injuries, and cerebral palsy. Physical therapy will perform an evaluation of patient’s problem or difficulty. They evaluate their problem by performing tests and measures to assess the problem. These tests includes muscle strength, joint motion, sensory and neurological, coordination, balance, observation, palpation, flexibility, postural screening, movement analysis, and special tests are designed for a particular…show more content…
At that time, in my family no body ever thought my grandfather ever been able to walk. But after some time, he was using a walker! Seeing the recovery that had taken place was surprising. It was due to my grandfather's will and motivation and the physical therapists that pushed him every day. From that point on, I was in wonder of the physical therapy profession and the amazing outcomes that are a direct result of their skills, knowledge, and passion to help people maximize their quality of life. When it came time to attend college I was faced with the decision of choosing a major. For most it can be a difficult one, but for me it was simple. I wanted to become a physical therapy assistant. I wanted to return the blessing that I had once been given and have the honor of bring back someone else's loved one's well being. I decided physical therapy assistant would be a great choice because it is helping others and working with people in need. A physical therapist assistant plays a very important role by providing treatments to patients, under the direction and supervision of a physical…show more content…
During my visit, patients were being treated for a number of reasons. There was an elderly woman who was using light resistance weights on a machine to try to improve the range of motion in her shoulder. Dennis, who is a physical therapist, shows various leg exercises in the early stages of rehabilitation after having knee surgery. Several athletes from local high schools came for appointments later in the afternoon, with injuries ranging from ankle sprains to MCL tears. I saw the patient who had one side paralyze, Dennis tried to stand her up and walk for few minutes and talking with her so got her attention. Also, I saw there one 90 years old man who had lower back problem, he was doing everyday excise and improving a lot. There was one more patient who had knee surgery and had breathing problem. He had really hard time to long walking, he was really tired when he walked few steps and his oxygen level goes down, but I saw he was improving because first I saw him he was barely walk but in second week he walked more than before. It was very interesting and inspiring to watch Dennis enjoying his work and showing enthusiasm with each individual

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