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Job option of a Registered Nurse
Getting a degree as Registered Nurse is like getting a gold medal in sports. You have to have patience, work hard, and never give up. The three jobs you can obtain after receiving a degree are listed from least appealing to most appealing Private Nurse, Hospital Nurse, and Nurse Practitioner. To help determine which field is right for you there are many things to consider. Private Nurse can work in variety of settings, including people’s homes. They are responsible for setting up their own contracts with their patients. In order to be a Private Nurse you have to go to school for two years to get your associates degree (LPN). Some jobs preferred you to have BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) and that is
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The nurses rotate their shifts so that the patients can have twenty-four hour care. With these hours the nurses work on call bases, nights, weekends and holidays. Ornery to help their patients they go to meetings with physicians, supervisors and other nurses to discuss ways to improve ways the patient’s recovery rates, and enhance the quality of nursing services. Some nurses start out as a staff nurse, but as they get the experience, have good performance, and continuous education they can move to other settings or even be promoted to positions with more responsibility. (U.S.…show more content…
This advantage creates a variety of opportunities in different areas of healthcare. It also opens up the potential for participating in and contributing to medical research projects”.( Another positive aspects of being a nurse practitioner they not only diagnose or treat specific problems, they help the patient and their families understand medical diagnosis and evaluate health care plains with individual patients. They can also help the patients by answering any questions they have about various medical treatments. While helping their patients with the healthcare planning they gain trust and friendship with their patients with this relationship it helps them treat their patients in the long term. (U.S.

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