Personal Narrative: Physical Therapy

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I tore my anterior cruciate ligament my sophomore year in a varsity basketball game. When this happened it was almost like somebody sliced an ax through my leg. I never felt pain like that before. I couldn't even walk off the court. Two of my teammates had to carry me off. While this was happening, I had a reality check on whether basketball was really going to take me as far I wanted it to take me. But during this time, I learned and recognized that I needed a plan B. After surgery, I had to attend rehabilitation to make my leg stronger. That's when I realized I wanted to become a physical therapists. While I was in rehab, I started to learn more about the body and became more interested in it. The recovering process was no joke! The pain I had to deal with was incomparable to any other pain I had before. The doctor gave me pain killers to deal with the pain and I used some it but mostly my faith in God helped me get through this situation. Therefore, I worked my tail off in this recovery stage. For example, some of the things that I had to do at the therapist center I had to go home and do there too. These exercises included knee bends, squats, toe raises, stretching, and many more. Due to working hard during rehab I was able to get off my crutches…show more content…
I knew I wanted to do the same for others. Becoming a physical therapists will be a great way to interact and help other people which is what I enjoy doing. I also like to socialize with citizens too. While doing this you're helping people get back to their normal and positive side. Also, at times people get down on their selves during rehab. I know this because it happened to me! For instance, I didn't think I was going to get back to my regular self. But my therapists kept influencing and giving me confidence that I was going to make it and that showed that they cared. That's all I needed as motivation to help me keep going. And for that I thank
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