Nursing Policy Analysis Issues

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This study presents policy analysis issue with an aim of demonstrating some of the challenges administrators face today in regards to decision-making. In doing so, the focus is placed on the “Physician Delegation of Prescriptive Authority,” which represents the authoritative decisions made by the government to direct the behaviors, decisions or actions of others on healthcare and its determining factor. Importantly, these decisions are arrived at after the proceeds of rules, laws and operative decision by the stakeholders involved. In this policy analysis, this work demonstrates that the stakeholders involved such as nurses and the doctors view the policy differently in Texas. For example, the nurses, more so nurses in charge think that going…show more content…
They believe that it would be better if nurses only practice under the guidance and supervision of the doctor. They believe that allowing them to practice independently would be detrimental to their patients (Mills, 2009). They would be prone to some misdiagnosis, failure to attend to less obvious, but potentially life-threatening problems as well as prescriptive errors. In fact, they maintained that many deaths in the hospital would be realized due to errors made in prescriptions. According to them, nurses however much trained and experienced lack skills to manage and deal with complex living with multi-system diseases. Additionally, they think that having the nurses to perform independent prescriptions would be costly. They state that they would send their patients for multiple laboratory tests than necessary, hence making the health care costs to…show more content…
Some cases seem to be complex, more so when the parties involved maintain opposing positions, yet both make sense. In the case of physician prescriptive authority, administrators must think censoriously to make a determination on whether it should be adopted. The concern should be to offer the best service to the patients without harming them. However, nurses are very important in this matter since they give the primary care to the patients. On the other hand, the physical is trained to diagnose and plan the treatment for the patient. In the consideration of who should have the authority to make a prescription, the administrator is caught in a fix to decide on the position to go by. One of the resultant effects is that the process would take so long while making consultations from time to time. Just as has been indicated herein, the different position by the two factions is a good case study to demonstrate that indeed administrators face significant challenges in decision-making concerning policy formulations. Because the stakeholders must be involved, the administrator must seek a harmonious ground to have the parties agree. They must be pursued and be brought in the right scope to accommodate one another while appreciating the greatest benefit of the

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