Unit 3 P2 Health And Social Care

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P2 and P3 Explain different psychological approaches to health and social practice Cognitive learning theorists believe that learning is an internal process in which information is combined into one as cognitive structure. Learning occurs through internal processing of information. One example of cognitive perspective that is used in healthcare practice can include supporting individuals that have learning difficulties. On a day to day basis, individuals with learning difficulties can find skilled tasks very difficult and confusing; because of this they are likely to get very frustrated. The cognitive perspective can help people with these learning difficulties and support them to help make sense of these tasks by identifying basic thoughts…show more content…
Operant conditioning suggests that behaviours can be changed or learned by the reinforcement whether it is positive reward or negative punishment. If the person gets a positive reinforcement of a certain behaviour then they are more likely to do it again however if they have a negative reinforcement then they would not repeat it again. Reinforcement is the most important part of the behaviourist approach. A paediatric nurse in a healthcare setting provides reinforcement at each step of the process. For example, when a child is having to get a blood test done and is afraid and refusing to do, the nurse will look for a positive behaviour and then gives the patient immediate reinforcement by saying, “you are such a big boy” or “you did an excellent job”. Another time the behaviourist theory is used in health care is a classical conditioning it is done when the patient is recovering from alcoholism, they are given a drug mixed with alcohol which produces undesirable physiological effects such as nausea and vomiting. This helps the patient associate the alcohol with the horrible effects, making the needs and wants to avoid drinking alcohol, because the body has started to know the reactions while drinking the alcohol which is not necessarily true but because of the pain that the drug has caused changes their

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