Effectiveness Of Hypnotherapy

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James Marks 1966 words A personal induction will always be more effective The skills and techniques used when practicing hypnotherapy successfully is more likely to be achieved when understanding the recipients personality and nature. The individual who is receiving hypnotherapy may or may not be effected depending on the approach that is taken by the therapist. The variety of simple but essential changes to the dialogue, tone of voice, speed of the spoken word and choice of language are all important to a successful approach for the therapist. As all people come from different backgrounds and environments speak and communicate in different ways using a their own way of communicating with others it is important to ascertain as much information…show more content…
Observation is the key to unraveling the depths of the patients personality and specifying the correct modality. Small but important methods such as the flamboyancy of the patients dress code, body language, speech pattern and style of speech can be noticed within a few minuets of meeting them. These physical attributes are very telling of the person and can be used when making a quick assessment and deciding on the preferred approach to therapy. Appearances are one useful method however this can be coupled with a more detailed assessment of the individuals personality traits. A skilled therapist can asses the patient quickly with the initial meeting however the more incite you have to a patients personality the stronger the therapy will be as the approach will be reinforced with more personal touches. Preferably the use of a short screed assessment sheet can be filled out using a scoring method of a clients appearance, personality traits and behaviors to gain a closer incite into with approach is required for a more successful session. In the first consultation with a client a list of these appearance, personality traits and behavior attributes…show more content…
The bottom line in this kind of assessment is to find out if the client would respond to more of an authoritarian approach or a gentle passive approach. There are other incites that are learned about the client here which help determine what kind of language it to be used wether that be colorful, flamboyant, descriptive, thought provoking and so on. Combinations of different choices of words and language are decided on the scoring system effectively tailoring the session for the individuals personality. I would agree that these steps are valuable in gaining the insite you need before venturing into a therapeutic session with a client. If PMR was attempted without any kind of background research on the client the outcome would most likely be unsuccessful or contrived. The knowledge gained from such a tool is key even if this was achieved in the therapists head and not filled out on paper. Obviously the more skilled the therapist the faster such an evaluation can take place, not to understate the importence of taking the time to attain the information from the client verbal. Once this information is

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