How to Support an Underacheiving Student

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NOTES FOR INTERVIEW 2 Supporting the Underacheiving Student The aim of this article is to support and enable the mentor to critically reflect on the processes involved in supporting and managing a learner who is failing to meet the NMC proficiencies for registration, developing an action plan to resolve this situation. This can be used as portfolio evidence for your personal development plan. Learning Outcomes: On completion of this workshop you should be able to: * Identify and critically reflect on the common behaviours of the underachieving student. * Utilise a problem solving approach to construct an Action Plan to support the learning needs of an underachieving student. * Based on the best evidence, consider the implications of failing a student * Critically reflect on the consequences of “Failing to Fail” Demonstrate recordable evidence of mentorship update which is relevant to remain on the mentor register database Identifying the Underachieving Student: Most students successfully achieve their learning outcomes on placement. However, some students do not perform at the expected level and evidence suggests that mentors find this one of the most challenging aspects of the mentoring role Duffy and Hardicre (2007). Many contributing factors can influence how to deal effectively with this aspect of the mentor’s role such as: * Uncertainty about expected levels of competence. * Allowing a settling in period * Time constraints * Conflicting shift patterns * Lack of confidence in dealing with the issue * Lack of support for the mentor. Mentors often have an instinctive feeling early on in the placement about a student performance but may have difficulty in articulating or describing what is often a vague concern. It is important that the mentor is able to recognise the behaviours
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