Why Students Struggle

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Many high schoolers struggle in school because of stress, low self esteem,and lack of sleep. Students find it hard to balance school, homework, family life, and social life. Stress is a major factor in students struggling in school. The drive to get good grades can affect college placement, scholarships ,and privileges in the life of an average high schooler. Students also face hard decisions such as :choosing a college, disappointing friends, In the fear of disappointing their parents. Other stress factors include the following: Peer pressure drugs, alcohol, and electronics. Many students often feel the drive fulfilling obligations to friends and family members ;even if they do not benefit themselves. Another cause of students struggling in school, is low self-esteem. Low self-esteem tends to lesson students desire to work, their ability to focus, and their willingness to take risks. The only solution is to make sure the students self-esteem with the continual process of encouragement. This means congratulating them on their accomplishments, and showing them where they need improvement. Sleep deprivation is another cause of low performance in school. Lack of sleep in a student affects learning, academic performance, and the ability to pay attention in class. This affects the neurocognitive performance ,which is defined as relating to cognitive functions associated with particular areas of the brain. One particular area of the brain is the is the prefrontal cortex(PFC). The PFC takes in data, decides on actions,controls consciousness, general intelligence, and personality. The prefrontal cortex also helps you focus thoughts, and helps an individual pay attention, learn, and concentrate on

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