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Tda 2.3 Unit 3.3 Essay

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  • on May 4, 2013
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TDA 2.3 UNIT 3.3
Identify examples of communication difficulties that they may exist

Communication difficulties may occur between individuals or groups and may arise for a variety of reasons. These reasons must be considered and strategies developed to overcome them.

Lack of confidence
Adults can sometimes act in an aggressive way if they are unsure about what they are doing or lack confidence. We need to be sensitive and offer encouragement and support. To help a child with lack of confidence we need use praise, support and encouragement to try and overcome the problem and help them gain confidence.

Opposing expectations
Sometime people don’t have the same ideas about the purpose of an activity, meeting or they might have different idea, we need to explain exactly what we are there to do and why.

Cultural differences
people have different cultures and expectations. They communicate in different ways. In some cultures eye contact is discouraged so I would need to find alternative verbal and non-verbal clues.

Different values and ideas
Different People have different methods of dealing with situations. Parents may not always agree with the school on the way pupils have been asked to do something. This should be discussed and common ground established.

Poor communication
Conflict can occur when communication has not been effective. This may be due to a misunderstanding or because information has not been passed on. To overcome this we should discuss the problem, find the cause and a way forward, so both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

External factors
When we work in school there may be a person who is under pressures of work load or other issues which are affecting how they communicate. If we know the person we can easily identify if there are behaving in an unusual way & we should ask if there is anything wrong or how we can help them.

Individuals with special needs
We need to be really careful & shoe sensitivity to...

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