Unit 204 Equality, Diversity and Inclution in Work with Children and Young People 2.3 2.4 2.5 3.1

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Introduction: In this assignment i will be explaining my own views and attitude againt diversity, and how it could impact on work with young children and young people. Assessment Criteria 2.3 In my own opinion everyone has different kinds of opinions and values than to others. When you work with children from a young age. You start to realize that it's not always needed for you to be aware of them. So say if you act out on these attitudes, it could have a bad effect on the children your working with and other children they might know, and you would not want them to copy your own actions in a result. Everyone from child to adult that we may meet on a day to day basis could have a different opinion to mine, and are more than likely will have different values and mind sets. When you are around children of your own or other parents children, you have to be in control of the things you are saying and the actions you are taking, because children can take so much information and tend to copy what an adult says and does, as most children will see there family and other adults as a role model. Like me for example, i act almost the same age as the children i work with, but yet at the same time i act a mature age to show them what they should and should not say and be careful of what i am saying to the children when with them in class. If we go and show bad attitude and show that we are negative to certain people around them. Then we could make children to be the same way, which is not a good example to them as young children don’t know the differences between right and wrong. As a teaching assistant it is my duty and responsibility to respect the children with there needs and accept them for who they are. The way I can do this is if I think about my own beliefs and opinions so I can learn not to judge others on the basis of their race, gender or religion etc. In my line

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