How to Be a Good Leader

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How to Be a Good Leader After watching the video “Metropolis”, I got following four important messages regarding how to be a good leader. Firstly, to be a good leader it is very important to show that you know your stuff. Just as Freder in the video wanted to trade lives with employee No.11811. If a leader is willing to involve in the work of his or her team, then he or she can notice the existence of the team, hear the voice of the team and recognize for their work. For example, if one of your stuff accomplishes a great achievement, don’t hesitate to praise for his or her great job through an email or at meeting. Through this he or she will see that you are focusing on his or her hard working. If you are sincere to the member of your team, then they will respect and listen to you. Secondly, to be a good leader you need to keep in good communication with your team. Through communication you can let your team know your previous working experience and achievements during your career. Not only will they have a better understanding of why you are qualified to be a leader, but they will be more excited to be a part of your team and admire you. Similarly, your stuff will be willing to share with you the good idea and experience through communication which will be efficient to the operation of your team. For example, you can invite your team individually to your office and discuss the future and development of the business and tell them their perspectives are important to your success. Thirdly, to be a good leader you need to know how to inspire and motivate your team. Just as in the video all workers who were in the dark regarded Maria as a beacon cause Maria infected workers with her faith. As a team leader you should have a goal and guide your team follow the direction of the right way. Just as the engine to the motor, a good leader is the resource of the energy
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