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1. How does Tootsie Roll Industries communicate its values to suppliers and employees? Tootsie Roll communicates its values to suppliers by indicating their exact specifications and quality of ingredients they are looking for. This gives them indications about the standards and values that Tootsie Roll puts on their products and their business. For employees, Tootsie Roll communicates its values by having cross-training and an open door policy. This gives their employees the knowledge that the company cares about their ideas and well-being. The cross-training and meetings give the employees a change to discuss their ideas and grievances. 2. What communication techniques demonstrate the company’s flexibility? There are several techniques used by TRI that demonstrates their flexibility. The top-down system they have in place shows that they have in place a structured management system. The open door policy of theirs shows that they are receptive to their employees’ ideas and grievances. The cross training shows they are always aware and interested in the advancement of their employees. The cross-functional teams shows that the company values the ideas and interpersonal relationships of their employees. 3. How do cross-functional teams benefit Tootsie Roll Industries? Cross-functional teams are a major benefit, not just in Tootsie Roll. This gives the company the ability to have several departments working together to find solutions. This gives each department the insight from others on how the solution might affect the others. They are able to collaborate between each department a solution they works to each other’s advantage. This also allows for ideas from each person to be heard and possible solutions to be explored. 4. Why are effective negotiating skills vital to TRI’s expansion? Effective negotiating skills are essential to TRI due to the fact

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