How I Decide What Movies to Watch

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How I decide what movies to watch is by a variety of factors. One of the first things I do is to read the description of the movie in order to see what it might contain that would make it appealing to me as a viewer. A movie that doesn't fit a certain criteria in terms of what I like to watch now has to catch my attention through other strengths or avenues of interest. This initial analysis comes from the description alone. I then like to look at the list of actors in order to determine whether or not it has any of my favorites. There is some internal point system being implemented subconsciously but I am not aware of it at the time. The next factor is then an evaluation of my mood. Am I in the mood for serious drama that may tug at my heart strings or am I in the mood for a mindless comedy that's good for some sight gags. This is then all thrown out of the window if my spouse is pleading with me to watch something else. There are many things that make a film enjoyable. I am pretty easy when it comes to finding the good in most movies. I can love a movie just because it has that one scene or that one character that makes me laugh. I think that anything from a good plot to a great chemistry on camera makes a movie enjoyable to me. When a film can put together the right mixture of action, drama, great acting, and realism, I am usually it's biggest promoter. Let me tell you what makes a film un-enjoyable. One of my biggest issues with films today involves realism, or lack thereof. I cannot stand it when the guy shoots a car and it blows sky high – lifting ten feet off the ground or flipping over. And don't even bother inviting me over to watch a movie that involves striking someone in the back of the neck or head and having them instantly fall unconscious. Also, there is this new fascination with Tasers or similar devices that makes a film unenjoyable for

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