Shindler And Goeth Analysis

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Shindler and Goeth. The performance by Goeth really shows what a real Nazi acted like back then. The film is also very graphic and I like that it has a beauty mixed with its gruesome side. Shindler really was a great character because he was funny, mysterious, flirtatious, but he had a darker side that he showed superficially. Gattaca was the best in terms of entertainment. It always kept me thinking about what is going to happen next. It had many twist in the plot that surprised me. The technology that was shown in the movie was very interesting to. Also, I enjoyed the entertainment from the character in the movie, Eugene, who a handicap that was virtually perfect. The Mission has the greatest religious significance. It shows through two different approaches to dealing with others as a Christian. One approach is taken by Rodrigo and he justifies killing people by giving himself the idea that he is protecting the innocent Guani by killing multiple people. Father Gabriel's idea is to pray and hope that God will protect them from the soldiers. These each come up with the same result, but one is just more reliant on God.…show more content…
The movie is not entertaining at all. It is very misleading and anti-climatic. Babette makes decision that no ordinary person would make that a large majority of the audience would find illogical. Three other movies that caught my eye is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Ben-Hur, and Life is Beautiful. Willy Wonka showed many vices and I saw that Willy Wonka is actually symbolic of God. Ben-Hur always kept me entertained, which was also tied into the story of Jesus. In Life is Beautiful Guido makes me laugh the entire movie but the movie takes

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