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Three Day Road I found the novel Three Day Road very interesting and enjoyed it once I got into it, I found that the way it was plotted was very clever as it kept me wanting to read more and find out the ending. I enjoyed the imagery and at times it was so descriptive that you felt like you were watching it happen instead of reading it for instance when Xavier said “[…] then drag Elijah back to where we came from, bullets splattering in the mud around us like hail-stones, their mortars popping and exploding” (pg 149). I found this quote stuck with me as it gave me an idea of the panic there must have been at that time, and made me wonder what they were thinking and what was going through their heads. I also liked the style of writing that was used although it could be confusing at times, I liked how they referred to years as ‘winters’, as they used that to count how old they were. I was also confused a couple of times throughout the book as it tended to be a bit jumpy, moving from one time period, to a flashback and then back to the original time period. I found that this book was similar to reading Chief Dan George’s essay I Am A Native Of North America, mainly in the language used as you could tell that it was written by, or from a natives perspective. As well as how Chief Dan George talked about his culture fading away, and how Xavier stayed true to his native culture throughout the book, unlike Elijah who eventually went mad, as he started enjoy killing people. I think that this book was based towards a Canadian audience, one to show and share history, but also it is patriotic as Canadians are proud of their ancestors, and natives for fighting and being successful, especially Francis Pegahmagabow, who the book was based on. I think it shows how tough, and gritty Canadians are and it gets the reader more involved if they can relate, even if it is just

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