Red Badge of Courage Movie Review

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Red Badge of Courage In the movie “Red Badge of Courage,” Henry Fleming is a private in the 304th regiment during Civil War. Henry joined the army to taste the glory of war and battle. Since he joined he has questioned his own courage and was afraid that when battle came he would flee. His regiment, after sitting for several months, was finally called to battle. Henry goes into battle with two of his friends, William and Jim, at his side. They were fending off an advancing Confederate attack. Henry fought bravely but on the second attack, where the Rebel troops invaded their trenches, Henry fled into the woods. In my opinion the movie had both good and bad points. Henry was seen as a war hero due to his actions during the war. I saw that, although it was brave of him to run into battle and be the color bearer, he was not as brave as he may be put out to be. Henry did still flee from battle, afraid to lose his life during combat with the Rebels. Henry also had his own doubts about his courage and the thought that he would flee was still in his mind. I think that the movie was good in concept but it was a slow movie to watch due to the lack of immediate action. Although not everything in the movie was bad. Even though the movie had a slow start and was lacking in color it had a good plot. The story of a small town boy becoming a war hero is very popular and can be a great success. The movie could have improved by providing more realistic explosions in battle and if the actors talked slower and more clearly so the audience might understand them better. Also, a lot of the acting was overdone and dramatic to a point that it was comical. All in all, the entire movie wasn’t horrible. It had a good, easy-to-follow plot that had some interesting points. Some of the acting was bad, but there were good performances by Jim and a couple of the other soldiers. It is the

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