How Assault Rifles Change Wwii

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History 9 9 March 2012 How assault rifles changed WWII The technological advancement that had a large impact on WWII was the assault rifle. Changing the way soldiers have to deal with combat by changing them into all purpose weapons instead of making them strictly short or long range weapons. They where developed by the German army in the second half of WWII. Since soldiers are used to close combat this changed it by having a weapon that is balanced between the two ranges known as the assault rifle. In previous years the main rifle you used as a soldier was known as the bolt-action rifle. The Germans used a rifle know as the Kar 98k which is a type of bolt-action rifle that was very popular in WWII. These are very accurate and very powerful weapons that had an effective long range of over half a mile. Their only problem was that after every shot it had to be manually reloaded. The only combat role they could be used for even today are for long range weapons know as sniper rifles where only accuracy and range are the only things that matter. They could not be used in certain combat situations which needed a much faster rate of fire which is why they where replaced by newer weapons that could handle that situation. The next step up from bolt-action rifles where Semi-automatic rifles. Which where the same thing but there was an added automatic reloading mechanism which gave them a much faster rate of fire. This enabled soldiers to keep aiming down sights while firing. These basically became the weapons of WWII because of their new technology. Another German invention at the end of WWI was the sub-machine gun these are very small and handy equivalents of the machine gun. They are capable of a automatic rate of fire. These guns are very simple and very cheap and easy to produce. They are very reliable and very light meaning that a soldier could carry much more
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