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The Gatling gun was invented by a man known as Richard Jordan Gatling. Gatling was born in Winton North Carolina in January 1818. Gatling’s interest in designing things was inherited from his father. He assisted in helping his father construct farm equipment on their farm in Winton. Gatling was a medical doctor but had many patents on his farm equipment inventions. Gatling’s most known invention was his 1862-model Revolving Battery Gun, known as the Gatling gun today. Gatling created the Gatling gun during the American Civil War. Gatling thought that his design would help the soldiers out drastically during the war. Gatling knew that his design would allow for a less amount of soldiers being on the battle field at one time simply because the gun was so powerful and rapid firing. However this weapon saw very little use during the American Civil War. The Gatling gun was a six-barreled machine capable of firing 200 rounds per minute. Other machine guns had already been invented at the time, but Gatling’s stood out from the others. The Gatling gun was hand-driven and would fire more rounds by a quicker driven hand. The Gatling gun was a very reliable weapon; however it did have its flaws. The Gatling gun had steel chambers and used percussion caps. The weapon had tapered bores and sometimes the barrels and chambers did not exactly align up, affecting the weapons accuracy and speed. The guns drawbacks uninterested the United States government. Three years down the road in 1865 Gatling improved his first design of the Gatling gun. This model used rim fire copper-cased cartridges and the barrels and chambers were more accurately aligned. This 1865 model was tested in July of 1866 by Captain T.G. Baylor. Captain Baylor found that this model was much more reliable and effective. For the next 40 years, the Gatling gun was being purchased by armies around the

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