Bowling for Columbine Analysis

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Bowling For Columbine Analysis Michael Moore's documentary, "Bowling For Columbine," is a very insightful film of the American aspect on firearms. Moore's main idea for the film is gun control in America and uses examples such as the Columbine shooting and the shooting that took place in Flint, Michigan when a little girl was shot and killed by her classmate. He was trying to spread the word about how lenient we are as Americans on the gun control policy. Moore proved his point about our leniency when he walked into North Country Bank & Trust and opened an account and got a free gun just for doing so. America is practically handing out guns to anyone. Although Moore's main idea for the film was about gun control, his argument was not. His argument is that America's gun control policy is so flexible because of the American psyche or thought process. America has more gun related deaths than any other country in the world, and not just a little bit more, but eight times more deaths than any other country according to Moore expresses in his documentary that Canada and America has a similar number of firearms but Canada has a substantial number of fewer gun related deaths. Every country has guns but no country has as many deaths from guns like America does. The only explanation Mr. Moore can come up with is that Americans are generally more afraid, more uptight, and more chaotic than the rest of the world. The gun related deaths in America usually come from situations of fear, chaos, and stupidity. No other country in the world kills their own people from guns like America does, but they all have a substantial amount of guns just like America does. That problem comes from the American psyche, as Moore expressed in his documentary. We tend to react without thinking. Instead of talking through a problem, we rather fight about it. Our country was

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