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Eddie Soto Period 3 5/22/11 The Tommy gun The Tommy gun was invented by a guy named John Taliaferro Thompson. Upon commissioning, he entered the army in the Artillery, later transferring to the Ordnance Department in 1890. During the Spanish-American War he distinguished himself when he directed the supply of munitions at a time of near chaos in the Army's ordnance. The Thompson was involved in the testing and adoption of the Springfield rifle. He became famous for tests he conducted that resulted in adoption of the AS caliber as the official U.S. Army handgun. In November 1914 he retired from the service with the intention of devoting his full time to perfecting an automatic rifle. When the United States entered World War I, he was…show more content…
Government ended with the Armistice, Thompson was undaunted and started promoting his new weapon as a police gun. Thompson's new gun was a delayed blowback type feeding from a characteristic drum magazine with an outline which became well known, a finned barrel, two pistol grips and a short butt. Thompson coined the term "submachine gun" but the press needed a term to catch the public fancy, and thus, the term "Tommy Gun" came into being. Auto-Ordnance actually registered "Tommy Gun" with the Trade Mark division of the Patent Office and this was even stamped on some guns. It was adopted by the U.S. Marines even though it received highly unfavorable publicity in criminal hands. Thomas Ryan, who had financed the operation, died in 1928 and his son disposed of Auto-Ordnance Corporation. When the company was sold to Maguire Industries, Thompson lost control. The firm was to remain in Russell Maguire's hands until 1951 when it was sold to George Numrich, Jr. of the Numrich Arms…show more content…
Former Confederate officers, the six young men organized as a social club or fraternity and spent their time in horseplay of various types, including wearing disguises and galloping about town after dark. They were surprised to learn that their nightly appearances were causing fear, particularly among former slaves in the area. They quickly took advantage of this effect and the group began a rapid expansion. Various factions formed in different towns, which led to a meeting and organizational

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