Weapons Of World War 1

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Weapons Of World War 1 World war 1 was good for many reasons and some of these are the weapons. For instance this is the first time in history that the Machine Gun was used. The first machine gun to be used was the Gatling Gun. This was invented in the late 1870’s or early 1880’s but never officially used in combat until this war. Surprisingly Leonardo da Vinci made its design. The machine gun was made so the operator wouldn’t have to keep pulling the trigger like on the traditional semi-automatic machineguns. It was designed so that the trigger could be held down for faster shooting. The most famous was the Maxim Gun created by Hiram Maxim. Another type of weapon used was the bolt-action rifle. The most popular one is the Gewehr 98 Mauser. The rifles require the operator to reload usually after four shots have been fired. The Gewehr was famous for its precision and speed. These types of rifles also added a telescopic scope for sniping. This form of shooting was first used by Germany. Now almost every army has snipers. Explosive weapons called grenades played a major role in this war. The mostly used one is the common hand grenade created by the British in 1908. This is a long-handed detonating grenade, which was improved later in the war by the French to make it have more of a ball shape. This made it more natural to throw. Inside these is black powder, called gun powder. This exposive powder is what shot muskit balls out of the barrel. It also is dangerous, so it claimed many lives during the war. The final weapon is the tank. This is a vehical that wasn’t used much at all during the war. France attempted to use these but found many faults in the design. One example of a fault is their inability to move over different types of terrain. Tanks had about an eight members in the crew. They were crewed by a commander, driver, two steer men,

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