Ancient Civilizations and Their Inventions Essay

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Ancient Civilizations and Their Inventions Ancient cultures have shaped who we are today. A lot of the inventions they created thousands of years ago we still use today in our everyday lives. By being aware of the lives and the creations of our ancestors, we can better understand our place in the world. What we would do without these inventions is unimaginable. Three of the major ancient civilizations that created important inventions are the Sumerians, the Chinese, and the Egyptians. The Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia, which is now present-day Iraq. The Sumerians changed from hunting and gathering to farming and herding. They wanted to stay in one spot. Because where they lived didn’t get much rain, they created irrigation to water their crops. Romans and Egyptians used this same technique to water their crops. Women in ancient Mesopotamia were wives and mothers that took care of the household. They also became midwives, which led them to invent medicines that prevented pregnancies and induced abortions. The Sumerians created the wheel, something we use in everyday life. They used the wheel to get from place to place easier and faster. We use the wheel on our cars, bikes, wheel chairs, and many other things. Without the wheel it would be very hard for transportation to have evolved the way it has. China is a civilization that is the longest enduring since around 3,500 B.C.E. They had many important inventions that still exist and are in use today. Gunpowder is probably the most well-known. The Chinese used gunpowder in grenades and bombs that they would place at their enemies’ gates. Anytime a soldier or hunter shoots a gun, he or she is using technology developed by the ancient Chinese. Another important invention created by the ancient Chinese is paper. Over 2000 years ago they perfected their process of making paper. They used wood pulp, which

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