The Roman Empire: Most Powerful Empires Of All Time

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The Roman Empire The Roman Empire was one of the biggest and most powerful empires of all time. The empire also was one of the greatest land empires. The Roman Empire stretched across from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea. This land mass was 2,200,000 square feet. The founding of the Roman Empire was a very peculiar one. It began with the story of two twin boys, Romulus and Remus. They were descendants of a demigod named Aeneas. Romulus and Remus were sent adrift down a river by their step-father. They were found by a she-wolf and she raised them for a very short time until they were found by a shepherd. When Romulus and Remus were adults they decided to build a new city on Palatine Hill where they washed ashore as infants.…show more content…
The most common sports were wrestling, boxing, and weightlifting. “One of the favorite Roman sports was boxing which was a popular game during the whole period of the republic…” (Roman Empire) Boxing gloves were cut from raw ox-hide into thin pieces and were fastened to the palm of the hand. A sign of great skill was to emerge from a fight without wounds. Halteres were masses of rock or metal and were used quite often in gymnastics when they would practice jumping or leaping. Gymnasts would have one in each hand when practicing. Wrestling was divided into two parts, the fight while standing and the struggle on the…show more content…
Normal soldiers would carry standard weapons like the Pilum javelin, the Spanish Sword, and the Pugio dagger. Auxiliary troops used special weapons. Slingers and club men used slings. Archers used composite bows made of bone, sinew, and wood. Soldiers with a good throwing arm would use lead weighted darts. Artillery was also a reason for many Roman victories in battle. The Scorpio, carroballista, and occasionally the catapulta would shoot bolts at enemies. The onager and the catapulta would fling large boulders. The Romans were actually quite famous in their time period because of their advanced, protective armor. They had metal greaves, which protected the shins, and chain mail shirts. The soldiers also wore cuirasses on top of the chain mail for even better protection. It would be easy to tell who was a Roman because of their helmet’s long cheek guards and their cylindrical, oval, or curved rectangular

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