Lysippos Scraper

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The artwork that I have chosen to write about is the scraper which a piece that was created in the civilization of Classical Greece. It happens to be also known as the apoxyomenos which is known as the most popular work that comes from Lysippos. It was based on a wrestler and is a Roman copy after the original bronze of ca. 330 B.C.F. Lysippos was big for his way of sculpting the scraper and how it has a great effect on future artist. He was able to portray his sculpture in human form that looked very natural. The kind of artwork that the scraper is happens to be a sculpture that is 2.05 meters in height and made of bronze. The only one that exist is the recreation of the sculpture that is made of marble in an art museum in New York. It is a life sized sculpture…show more content…
With a body that is rounded with long loose legs. This genre of art influenced the art of this civilization because it was new to have sculpture that looked more realistic than the others that have been around in the past. Lysippos is known for creating a new canon of ideal proportions for the human body. This new physique that he has created happened to gain favor and dominate through the end of the Hellenistic era. This artwork expresses and reveal what their culture was about and what they looked up to. They were all about heroes and most of their culture are inspired or is about someone who was of importance in their civilization. The statute is supposedly a portrait of the wrestler Cheilon of Patri who died in 322 B.C. It is said that Lysippos made this statue after his death. Lysippos statue is an important sculpture according to the Classical Greece civilization. His culture shows a young male who has just finished exercising and is cleaning his self off with oil. In this sculpture Lysippos is introducing two new innovations. The first on that he introduces is the proportions of the body and the second is that the sculpture is three
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