Medieval Weapons Essay

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Archers were an important aspect of medieval tactics. Their weapons are what made them so important. The bow was made out of strong flexible wood, usually yew wood. They had different arrow heads for different occasions. Boddins were long and pointy shaped. They were used to pierce armor and chainmale. Broadheads were wider and were used for animals. When it struck and animal the way it was designed would stick in the animal and not fall out. Finally there were arrowheads called general purpse heads. They were a combination of both arrow heads. (Gravett 30-31) For knights the most important weapon was the sword. As people used more armor swords became more narrow so that they would be able to pierce the armor. The double edged sword was the most…show more content…
Chain male was the start of armor. It consisted of a bunch of iron rings beaded together and usually weighed around 20-31 lbs. it is unknown to how they were made. Gauntlets were used in protecting a knights hands and/or forearms from weapons in battle. It consisted of an iron guard over the hands. There were small plates riveted together for the fingers. Some came all the way to the elbow. (Gravett 12) There are many different helmet types. The burgonet helmet is an opened faced helmet mainly used in parades. Closed faced helmets were used in battle and got really hot while wearing them. The decorated helmets were also used in parades as well. The sallet was worn by horsemen who didn’t really wear armor, such as archers. It was shaped like a tear drop and stayed on the head by a strap. Barbute helmets looked like greek Corinthian helmets and held on by a strap. The basinet had a visor that pivoted over the eyebrow and were used in battle and tournaments. (Gravett

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