Warckworth Castle Essay

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History Essay Warkworth castle In this essay I am going to talk about the history of Warkworth castle and the different parts in it. Warkworth Castle is sited on high ground surrounded the River Coquet. The original motte and bailey castle was built in the mid 12th century by Earl Henry of Northumberland. Henry II gave Warkworth to Roger FitzRichard, who began to rebuild it in stone. His son Robert continued to improve and add to the buildings. King Edward I spent a night in the castle in 1292. Edward ii presented Warkworth to the powerful Percy family, who were there to provide defense against Scotland. It was in 1388 Henry Percy built the huge keep which dominates Warkworth Castle. In 1214 was the Castle Gatehouse which was the main entrance to the castle and therefore needed to be heavily guarded. The Castle Gatehouse also contained murder holes and arrow slits. The Chapel was occasionally built behind the Gatehouse. The enemy would then be seen to fire on the Chapel as they were attacking the main entrance to the castle. Carrickfergus Tower on the western side of the gatehouse is a octagonal structure, whereas the 15th century Montague Tower to the east, is more square. Within the outer bailey, various foundations and existing wall sections indicate the location of the domestic quarters from the original castle including a chapel, next to the gatehouse, a solar, and a hall along the west curtain wall In 1388 was the tower which was built as the most protected part of the castle - Castle Keep was built by Earl Henry Percy IV. Motte and bailey castles were the first castles built by the Normans. They were made of wood so were cheap and quick to build. The fact that they were made of wood made it easy to attack then with fire. This meant that the Normans soon replaced then with stone building. The Montague tower was built in 1460. The lord and lady's
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