Catapult Essay for Physics

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Marshmallow Catapult- Like Device Project Catapult is defined as a device in which accumulated tension is suddenly released to hurl an object in some distance. There are three different types of catapult; they are the trebuchet, mangonel, and ballista. When we think of a catapult we think of ancient time when there was no technological weapons made, so the catapult was used to defend whichever army. A catapult can be used for defending and for sporting activities. Traditionally, catapults were used for war. They would attach a harmful device at the “bucket” of the catapult and release it so it would target the opponent. The catapult was in great use when there was fighting going on back in ancient time. For instance, when the Romans back in 300 BC were fighting against the Greeks, the catapult was the biggest helped because it speeds up the process to launch the killing device to the other army force. It helped a lot, because it throws further and it was more efficient. China has the earliest known record of the catapult. In 3rd-4th century B.C. China, this catapult was much like a crossbow with a swinging arm mounted on a pivot. The ballista is possibly the first large, siege-like catapult. It comprised two wooden arms, tightly wound ropes and a cord to assist in the hurling of deadly projectiles, such as spears, at an enemy. The catapult gets complex over the year, because more materials are put together to make the catapult more advance. The catapult answered humanity’s need to propel a projectile successfully over a great distance with some “mechanical” help. The catapult varies, for example the trebuchet is a catapult meant for launching heavy items to knock down something. The trebuchet is fairly tall, and was used to smash city walls or castle during the Medieval Era. This specific catapult was used by knights and warriors, because it allowed them to
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