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Final Paper The Athletic Department of High schools in the U.S should give home schoolers a right to play on the public high school teams because since they do not put high school effort why should we give them the high school fun. The reason why is that home schoolers should not be given to play on public high school teams is that they do not work hard as the high school athletes do. A high school athlete usually has to wake up early in the morning and go to school for eight hours. During these eight hours the student must work hard in the class to maintain the sports eligibility by doing homework,projects and essays.The homeschooler how ever usually tend to have four hour ours of learning which is given at the parents convince.…show more content…
A most common requirement to meet is a certain grade point average or GPA for short. Most high schools have the minimum of a 2.0 GPA to be allowed to play on the team.To meet this a high school athlete must maintain their grades up and also work hard in the sport they are in. Homeschooler s on the other hand just need a notice of eligibility from the parent or guardian from who they are learning from.On top of this a parent could made a fake notice of eligibility to have their child to play a varsity sport.You can see that the high school athlete has to put tremendous amounts of effort to be able to play sports then the homeschooler has…show more content…
Well, one might argue that the parents of home schooled children pay taxes for public schools. Let me ask you how would you feel if a person who did not work as hard as you did come and take your starting varsity spot. To make varsity a student has to work hard mentally and physically, but when a person who did not work as hard as you did it just seems unfair that the actually have a right to do that. Ken Killy who wrote the article “A Privilege not a Right”. In the article he stated that “its unfair to say that a student at school needs to pass five classes for credit towards graduation or meet a minimum eligibility requirement to play a sport while the home schooled student just needs a letter stating that they have meet the average grade requirement .” This demonstrates a high school athlete has that balance between sports and academics while the homeschooler does

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