Battle of School Days

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The Battle of School Days In 2009, U.S.A Today’s columnists were arguing to reschedule school weeks for only four days. Gregory A Schmidts, superintendent of MACRAY public schools, wrote how these four day week would be beneficial. On the other hand, the newspaper editorial board opposed saying that four days are not enough. A small but growing number of schools districts in the U.S are changing their system to a four days of school with the hope that it close holes in budgets and utility bills. It is inevitable to think that during this economy recession a four days school week could be a cost saving measure; however, it is a big mistake to take away one day of school since it will affects parents, child, staff and the country in many different ways. Gregory A Shmidt’s essay, “We Like the Four-Day Week”, explains how the switch to a four days schedule could be beneficial for the staff, students and budget savings. But, he didn’t mention how that system will affect parents’ pockets. U.S.A Today editorial board questions how reducing one day of school will be a saving if parents will be spending more on day care “what about the family cost of day care for a child home alone on a weekday?” (307). In fact, parents regularly work five days a week leaving their kids in school for those days. With the four days program, they will have to revamp child-care plans increasing the supposed cost saving. Therefore, school districts have to reconsider the switch to four days school because it will bring more expenses than savings. Another point that Shmidt mentions is that four days school will not affect the academic progress. Nevertheless, in “Four is not Enough” explains that MACCRAY students, currently in the four day program, “scores are significantly below” (USA Today, 307) to the rest of the state average classes. Classes like math and history take more time

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