Homeschooling Vs Public Schooling

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Yes it's true, the stereo type is not true. Children or youth that go through the homeschooling program are not your typical mean girls “home schooled jungle freaks” type of character. They are average, sometimes above average kids who go to school only at the comfort of their own home. A lot of parents prefer to keep their children close to home, safe, and in an environment without distractions. All for their child’s best intentions or to possibly avoid that “empty nest” feeling they first get when sending their five year old into the big unpredictable world. So why choose public school? The place that will take your child away from you for eight hours a day, leave them vulnerable, and eventually lead them into adulthood. There are many benefits to public school like the academics provided, the social life, the diversity of people and teachers, and the many opportunities that homeschooling cannot provide. Teaching your child is probably an amazing experience and by doing so you give your child more independence academically, but almost anyone can teach home school. But who is to say that your child will get the necessary education? At a public school, every teacher must be qualified and teach a specific curriculum. Each student has a minimum of three or more teachers, each qualified on one particular subject. When a student goes to a public school, the student can learn about the essential subjects from people who know what they're talking about that is if the student chooses to do so. At home school, there is only one (possibly two) teachers; no matter how skilled this teacher is, he or she cannot possibly compare to the diversity achieved in a public school. Another reason for a classroom setting is the benefit of learning within a group setting, some students will excel with this technique. Learning with peers can make all that gibberish in the text book

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