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A high school senior that’s so ambitious to start the road into her college education is what makes her strong and not look back. I’m a Hispanic young lady with both parents are non-English speakers. Since they didn’t go to college, they have encouraged me to go beyond anything and do what I want to do, in the aspect of finishing high school and going straight to college and become somebody. Since I was around the 4th or 5th grade I was always interested in psychology or detective kind of thing. As I grow up I know I wanted to major either in criminal justice, psychology or nursing. When it comes to my education I take it very seriously and responsibly because without going to college I won’t make it far. I was raised to be an independent child. My mom taught me how to cook and do most chores that no 12 year old would ever do. My parents are Hispanics, so I really had to grow up at a quick age to translate most of the things for them. I couldn’t really ask them for help in the whole homework, project kind of way since they were educated…show more content…
The importance about having a higher education is very important to me especially when I see all that my parents have gone through since neither of them got the chance to go to college. Therefore I see myself working really hard to try to achieve that goal in getting accepted to this college and strive to get a major in psychology, criminal justice or nursing. My future plans other than having my own family is to graduate college and have a stable job that’ll help me financially to be stable and not be in debt. Hopefully after you reading this, I hope to have captured your attention and help me achieve my goal in getting in this college because I am a honorable, responsible, trustworthy, respectful young lady that’s going to strive to become somebody and I know you won’t regret your choice in accepting

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