Inez Beverly Prosser

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The Life and Career of Inez Beverly Prosser In 1933 Cincinnati, Ohio, Inez Beverly Prosser was the first African American female to receive a doctorate degree in psychology. Inez overcame many obstacles to achieve her goals and she showed women of her time and of today that all things are possible. In a time where racial inequality was at its peak, Prosser enrolled and completed several degree programs. Inez did not have the ideal childhood, nor did she have the support of society in her academic endeavors, but she let nothing get in her way. Prosser’s life came to a tragic halt, leaving the world wondering what she could have accomplished had she lived longer. Prosser was an inspirational figure for siblings, as well as for the people who she came into contact with in her career. Inez Beverly Prosser, born Inez Prosser was born to parents Samuel Andrew Beverly and Veola Hamilton, in the small town Yoakum, Texas. (Benjamin, Henry, Mcmahon 2005) Due to lack of public record her year of birth is not verifiable by any one specific source. Prosser is the second oldest of eleven children but the first to go to college. When she was in high school, her and her brother went to live with a family member because the family had moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, where there was no black high school. She graduated from high school valedictorian in 1910 and from there she was determined to continue her pursuit of a higher education. (2005) Inez Prosser at a young age was very determined; the bulk of her life was spent pushing past the limitations that the world would try to enforce. Inez Prosser was raised during a time that racism and segregation were very openly accepted forms of behavior. There were certain degree subjects that blacks of this time could not enroll in; blacks could not stay in a dorm room with whites, and in order to achieve a higher level

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