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Jessica Marlieh Lacer Explore Majors and Careers Career Influence Reflection 1/16/13 My name is Jessica Marlieh Lacer and for many generations my family has done nothing to progress themselves. My career influence is to be the first generation to provide the progress that is needed to make a living. It is partially sad to say that the lack of role models is what has pushed me to further myself and make a career. There must be a person to start progress and I plan to be that person. My desire to progress first came when I was fifteen and looked back at the chaos and struggles my family put themselves through just to be lazy. I refuse to “scrape the bottom of the barrel” and live the life my family has chosen. I worked with all my ability in High school knowing that the best way to progress was through an education. I applied myself in all the classes and clubs that I could. I knew that this would look better for college. My issues are unlike other children’s; they have role models and history to look to for comfort to fall back on. I have the pit of nothingness that my family has lived in. If I fall I will be no better than them. I have no ladder to climb. I have many paths that I must build my ladder onto for my family. My mother is a prime example of my need to progress. She is running into issues now because she refuses to take responsibility for her actions. She is having my sister taken from her because she steals and is possibly going to jail. I would never put my family in any type of danger that I could avoid. The career influence to me is the desire to thrive above the need to survive. I do not wish to take my full life and do nothing but struggle for it. I have this life and I plan to progress it. I also plan to live my life and not worry it away. This assignment has allowed me to focus on the subject of my drive towards this goal of a

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