Contrary To All Stereotypes

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Contrary to All the Stereotypes One little girl was dreaming of becoming an airhostess. She dreamt of the countries she would visit and people she would meet. Time passed by and the girl grew up. She is 21 years old now and she has a boyfriend. “My boyfriend and all my relatives do not want me to become a stewardess,” repeats the girl and she does not even try to make her dream come true. Culture’s gender stereotypes imposed by the society girls live in, have an enormous influence on their lives. The conception of the Good Girl presented by Lucy Gilbert and Paula Webster in their essay “The Dangers of Femininity” clearly describes the proposed model of girls’ behavior. Good Girl should dedicate her life to other people, in particular to her husband. Being always ready to help she is obliged to forget about her own wealth. Helping is her paramount destination. Sometimes girls feel as if they are alone in this world and they can do nothing with the pressure of gender stereotypes, as soon as all their actions will be considered as inapplicable for the standards of society. A girl should stop for a moment and think of what she can undertake in order to reverse the situation. There are three effective ways of avoiding having culture’s gender stereotypes derail girls’ dreams: a search for the supporters, a careful explanation, and an attempt to go through the personal experience. The first and the most effective way of preserving oneself from the pressure of the cultural stereotypes is the search for supporters. A girl should find people who will share her ideas and views. It can be people from the club defending women’s rights or some of her friends having the same views. It will assure a girl that she is on the right way and she should not surrender. Aida Salyamova, a woman of 26 years old working in the business sphere, was pleasantly surprised when she realized that
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