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Chelsea Trepanier Personal Leadership Portfolio HUM 190 09/15/2012 Throughout high school, I was never really a leader in classes. I remember always being in groups, but I never wanted people to pick me to be a leader. My leadership style in school was more of a servant leader. I mostly demonstrated this style of leadership when we had to make projects. I always wanted it to be the most creative project in our class, so I would volunteer to construct the project. I would take in the ideas of all the members of our group, and I would come up ideas that everyone would agree with. I never came up with an idea and told the others in the group how it was going to be. I believe my experiences tie in with servant leadership because a group needs a leader to encourage all ideas and collaborate them into one. I try to ensure trust within the group and give them confidence that the project will be great. The most ethical thing to do in a group is to have everyone participate, but if they are all not assertive in their skills, the best thing for me to do would be to take matters into my own hands and later on seek approval from my peers. I tend to do this in every situation in which leadership is a problem. I always have the natural feeling to serve first, and then my conscious choice brings me to aspire to lead. I always make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served. Acceptance is the key to being a successful leader in a group; one must never reject and always accentuate. On the other hand, there was only one time throughout high school that I was chosen as a leader. During my sophomore year, another player and I were chosen to be the Team Captains of the Junior Varsity team for softball. Even when I was chosen to be a leader, I would encourage the girls to finish the running, drill, or anything our coach asked us to do. Also, I would ask all the
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