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A very good morning to the our Lecture and my fellow friends. My name is Siti Suhaida Mohammad Superi and I am standing here today to deliver a speech entitled “How To Lead A Healthy Life”. I do not profess to expert on this subject, but I will try to shed some light on this matter. What is healthy living? According to Webster Dictionary, healthy living is living a life without having to worry about diseases and body size. To obtain healthy living is not easy. We have to work hard to get it. There are several ways one can lead a healthy life. Among the ways are having a proper diet, having enough sleep, having enough exercise and also a proper time management. Dear friends and our audience, So before I go on, let us see the ways to get a proper diet. Our diet should follow the food pyramid. We should eat sufficient carbohydrates such as rice, bread and noodles. We must eat plenty of vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. We should also eat proteins such as fish, meat and chicken, but in moderation. We shouldn’t eat fatty and greasy foods such as junk food, butter and margarine. If we follow this diet effectively, we will get a lot of good and rewarding benefits. Another way that we should practice is eating at the right time. How many of us have breakfast in the morning? Not many, right as we are all too busy trying to make it to class on time? This is wrong because breakfast gives us energy to start a fresh day. If we do not have breakfast in the morning, we will feel very tired and sleepy. In fact, some cultures advocate breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Without a proper breakfast, our concentration span will also reduce, thus making us unable to comprehend what is taught in class. Friends, We should get enough sleep every day. I am not hinting to my friends to take forty winks when they are in class. An

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